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Company Overview

Webnetism Software Solutions India is a top quality ISO 9001 and 27001 certified IT service provider of high-end business solutions to clients across the globe. With more than a 15 years of IT business expertise, we have a strong team of more than 200 skilled and experienced IT experts.

We specialize in building custom web & e-commerce applications, social media apps, and mobile applications.

Our customer list includes companies of all sizes, ranging from startups to mom-and-pop shops to large enterprises. With deep expertise in multiple domains, the company consistently goes beyond its client’s expectations by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards.

In every engagement, we seek the opportunity to build long-lasting, strategic relationships. This forms the basis of how we nurture our employees and serve our clients. We crystallize that philosophy and strategy by the following tenets.

Success through people by providing an environment that allows the individual to grow within the firm and share in the growth of that firm.
Success through quality customer service by providing services to the business community through a consistency of effort and standards and a high level of professionalism

Our global delivery model leverages highly experienced on-site experts for customer service, requirements gathering, analysis, and production deployment, with offshore experts for development, testing and business continuity. Our customers benefit from the right mix of technology skills, industry knowledge, proprietary processes and methodologies, and a choice of engagement models.

To become the most successful and respected IT service provider, offering solutions on a wide range of technologies and key industry verticals.
Our mission is to go beyond the client expectations to bring tangible, even stellar, performance to even the best of businesses by bringing together technology, talent, innovation, and the highest quality standards.

Management Team

Our guiding forces bring together a team of technology and business experts who provide the right direction to the executive team.

Jam is an ambitious entrepreneur with over 25 years of professional experience in the IT industry. He has an extensive knowledge working in the Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, and Magazine Fulfillment systems.

Jam has a Masters Degree in Applied Sciences in Mathematics from Madras Institute of Technology, India. He started his career as a Customer Service Engineer in 1986. Since then, providing quality customer service has been the foundation upon which he has built his career and his business. He has a reputation for building and maintaining client relationships at all levels.

Jam is known as a highly capable and dependable leader primarily due to his excellent people skills and very good grasp of business, its challenges, and application of selective and innovative strategies that work.

As Founder & CEO of Webnetism Software Solutions India, Jam is actively involved in projects to ensure customer expectations are met and has the authority to make whatever decisions are necessary to ensure services are delivered effectively and efficiently.

Why We Are Different ?

Why We Are Different ?

Webnetism Software Solutions India understands how to zero-in on a client's real and most pressing needs and deliver practical, effective solutions that will give them a competitive edge.

We never stop improving our services, including development methodologies, engineering practices, management techniques and QA standards to enhance our team’s capabilities and increase customer satisfaction.

We are experienced in delivering complex and difficult projects on time, and on budget. We stay neutral, only recommending solutions that really make sense for our clients. We don't just give advice – we help make our recommendations actually happen. And, that’s what makes us different.